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7 Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles under Your Eyes


Some factors like lassitude, allergies or aging can make dark circles darker, diminishing your appearance a bit. However, don’t worry! There are some tips to effectively get rid of dark circles under the eyes without any effort.
But first ….
Before starting to implement the useful tips to remove it, you should consider the reason why the skin around your eyes gradually grows darker.

Why they appear?

• Genetics
• Hormonal disturbances during pregnancy
• Deep fovea bones
• Visible blood vessels on the skin due to thin skin
• Birthmark, allergies or dermatitis
• Allergic rhinitis causes stagnated circulation around the eye area
• Hurted capillaries because of rubbing and scratching the eyes
• Unclean or too strong eye cleansing
• Increasing melanin caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun without protection measures
• Anemia, dehydration
• Sleepless or stomach sleeping
• Collagen deficiency
• Using cosmetics containing toxic chemicals

Apart from the reasons related to genetics or hormone which are very difficult to overcome, you can consider the following tips to improve the eye rejuvenation.

How to lose the dark circles?

1. Give up bad habits

Some daily habits which seem to be harmless, can darken your eye skin. Regularly rubbing eyes, for example, causes the aging for the eye area, leading to dark circles under your eyes. Therefore, the first habit you have to change your bad habits.

Get enough sleep (from 6 to 8 hours per day), avoid stomach sleeping (this posture puts pressure and wrinkles on the skin of eyes, restrict rubbing your eyes and use protection measures to save your eyes from smog, dirt, etc.

2. Add nutrition and water

If you only focus on the external impacts to remove dark circles under your eyes, you may be wrong. Nutrition and water are two of extremely important elements which affect directly the eye health, as well as dark circle problem. When your body accumulates more toxins from food or lack in vitamin A, E, the skin around your eyes tends to be darkened.

In addition, don’t forget to eat fresh food containing vitamin A, E such as green tea, eggs, nuts, carrots, oranges, etc. They will help you get better eyes and restrict dark circles under the eyes. Also, you should daily drink 2 to 3 liters of water to detoxify your body and skin with essential moisture.

3. Mask eye

You should mask the eyes to relax and lighten your eyes. Just once or twice a week. Along with some kinds of mask for eyes at cosmetics stores, you can take an advantage of natural mask at home. A number of natural ingredients like potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc., is very good for lightening hyperpigmented skin area. Because they contain lots of water, sodium ions, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, minerals, vitamin A, B, C and K that moisturize and whiten your skin.

4. Use an eye cream

To avoid the aging on eye area, you should use creams and serum for eyes as soon as possible. Eye serum will be more effective than eye creams thanks to fast penetration and deep care in the skill cells. You should choose creams and serums containing Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid (whitening) or vitamin K (limiting clogged blood vessels that causes dark circles).

5. Use benign sunscreen for the eyes

Face skin, especially the skin around your eye are quite thin and often exposed to the sun. This will stimulate the development of melanin that darkens your skin. So let’s remember to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays, not only by wearing sunglasses, but also using sunblocks with an SPF of 20 to 50. Currently there are many cheap, unknown original sunblocks that contains Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and Alcohol. They make your skin allergic and dry. So you should consider carefully the ingredients before picking a sunblock for your eyes, and even you should test it on your neck skin before trying for your eyes.

6. Makeup covering dark circles

For the skin that is white yet very thin, the blue blood vessels can always etch onto your skin. And the only measure to get rid of dark circles is covering them with under eye concealers. The orange concealer is highly recommended for you to effectively cover your dark circles.

7. Use high-tech treatment

For those who have thin skin and deep fovea skin, the older they are, the less the amount of collagen is. This is the main reason causing the dark circles. When you were young, you can overcome it with making up to cover dark circles. However, your skin is gradually aging, and then cosmetics can’t.
The best way for you now is using specialized aesthetic technology. For example: injecting fillers under the eyes, using lasers to increase the amount of collagen, injecting directly whiteners. But whatever you choose, you have to get the dermatologist’s opinion before using high-tech treatment.