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SEO | Digital Marketing Expert in Pune

I was doing my BE (IT) when I heard about these alien words SEO, E-Commerce, Online Shops, etc. in 2006-10. Now, these aliens are my good friends, and we know each other very well.

I’m Prashant a working SEO / Digital Marketing Professional with around 7 years of experience. Blogging has been there for me since my school days, but I was not aware of these web pages, WordPress, bloggers, etc. platforms. Else, I would have an excellent collection of online content pieces.

I write whatever I want. Would it be a poem, songs, articles – long form, short form, jokes, product reviews, movies, books, philosophy, etc.

My Guest Post is my new platform which I’ll be using to share my learning, get interacted with people and off-course generate revenues. If any blogger tells you that he don’t want to earn while writing, he must be joking….

And yes, I do provide consultation, and services regarding the Digital Marketing, Brand Reputation Management as well.

Hope you guys enjoy my blog and keep coming.

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