HTC’s One X10 Phone – Bigger Battery Life is the Main Feature

“Big style meets bigger battery”

HTC One X10 Phone is trending on Google. Why? obviously due to the product specification and HTC brand. Many people are talking about the tags like HTCOneX10, HTC phone, HTC one x10, HTC 1 x10, etc on Twitter.

Images posted on Twitter and on multiple phones, technical platforms, blogs etc shows a new HTC phone called the One X10. ‘Big style meets bigger battery’ appears to be a marketing slogan, will focus on battery life. We can’t judge it too much more about the phone from the pictures and hashtags. It has a fingerprint sensor on it’s back and the overall design is somewhat similar to the midrange HTC phone line from last year i.e Desire 10.

It is loaded with low-powered chip processors, still, can perform well. The long battery endurance is the main feature for the midrange phones to stand out. When is comes to battery life people gone crazy about it.

Let’s wait for more details…


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