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how long can you store coffee beans

How to Keep your Coffee Beans Fresh (the Italian Way)

If you fall in the large chunk of population that stores its coffee in the freezer, well, Italians would
say you’re wasting your time, particularly if you drink coffee daily.

When you purchase coffee from a local grocery store, there is a good chance that the beans are
already stale. In reality, or at least, in the Italian tradition, coffee is fresh only for about 2 weeks
following the roast date. Those who argue that it would stay fresh for at least a month are probably
in denial. 🙂

In addition to that, the rules of drinking coffee in Italy are quite peculiar. There is a lot you can
learn about Italian coffee and how it is consumed from this Med Cruise Guide infographic, shown

Here are a few simple tips that will help you keep your coffee beans fresh for longer:

  • Heat, light, moisture and air are the biggest enemies of coffee beans. If you wish to preserve the
    roasted flavor of your fresh coffee beans for the longest time possible, consider using an air-tight
    and opaque container to store them. Room temperature is ideal for keeping your coffee fresh.
  • As mentioned earlier, avoid storing your coffee in the fridge, and never the freezer. While some
    amount of coolness might be good, the humidity is quite the opposite. And we know that fridges
    have sufficient moisture to cause damage. So, whenever you open a pack, humidity will find its way
    in and destroy the flavor of the coffee. Hence, say no to the fridge.
  • Vacuum-sealed containers may be another great option for storing fresh coffee beans; however,
    these are a bit expensive as compared to standard lid jars. You simply need to put the coffee into the
    jar and press down the lid. This helps in forcing out almost all the air from the container. Once the
    lid is locked, your coffee is safe!
how long can you store coffee beans
how long can you store coffee beans

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