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Tips For First Time Home Buyers

7 Tips For First Time Home Buyers

You have been dreaming of owning a home. You have been working towards this goal for long. Finally, that time has come. The vision is coming closer to realization and you will soon have that dream home you have yearned for. However, there are things you need to know before making that decision and commitment to buy a particular home. This article brings to you seven tips that will be helpful for you as a first buyer.

1. You need a Down payment, so start saving

Set a goal of how much you want to save. Make a sacrifice and discipline yourself to start saving early. In this era of digitization, it is easy to track your savings using an app. Get this app. Find out from your potential mortgage provider on how much deposit is required, so that you will have raised it at the set time. Saving may require you to forego some of the expenses you have been having, for example, eating out on the weekends. However, at the end of it, the sacrifice is worthwhile. Explore any possible and viable way of raising the deposit.

2. Pay your past debts

You want to have minimal debts so that repaying your mortgage will be easy. Clear any credits. More so, avoid further credits that may affect your opportunities to qualify for a mortgage.

3. Research on the Available Home Options

Do not just fall into a trap of a single aggressive marketer. Explore many options before making a final decision. While the price may be a major determining factor, quality, security, neighborhood are among other key determinant factors. Take time for example over the weekend, to visit various areas where there are houses for sale.

4. Explore on Mortgage options

Check out for what different mortgage options there are at your disposal. Do not fall into the trap of people who want to make high profits from you and give you less money. Consider providers who have lower interest rates and will give you higher mortgage.

5. Check out for Seller’s Credibility

Do not just trust the seller, whether it is an individual or a real estate company. Do your own research. Check out the authenticity of the property agents or seller’s documents regarding the property at hand. The real estate sector in full of con people who pretend to be genuine business people, and they especially target new buyers. Take caution and involve your lawyer in the process.

6. Keep in Mind Your Needs

Consider your shelter needs in regard to the size of your family. Other factors include access to amenities such as where you work, schools, shopping areas among others.

7. Save some money for Moving in and settling

While buying a house is such an exciting process, you have to save some money for after buying. You will most likely exhaust your savings in the process of buying the house. But remember you will incur expenses such as transport while moving in. In this regard, it is a great idea to set aside some money including for food after getting into your new home.


Though the process of buying a home for the first time may seem tiring and challenging, it does not surpass the joy of owning a house. It is therefore a great idea to brave the challenges in a bid to chase after this great achievement.

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